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R4 3DS 11 13 0 Update For Nintendo 3DS

Yesterday a new update was released for the Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL, New 3DS, New 3DS XL and all of the variants of the 2DS and 2DS XL consoles.  What stands out with the latest update is that they're not talking at all about any stability enhancements.  The changelog mentions mostly about fixing an issue with StreetPass functionality that affected some 3DS and 2DS systems.  It would appear that this has been corrected according to reports from users.

Other than this fix, there does not appear to be anything of note in this update.  We have listed all of the R4 3DS cards below that are tested and confirmed working with this new update.

3DS firmware updates are something that are fairly common events these days and unfortunately, they typically do not add any new or interesting features.  Thankfully the StreetPass functionality has been fixed.

And as we have always said, and seems to be the norm, if you want the ability to use the eShop or play online, you will require to upgrade your 3DS systems. Doing so won't have any result on your capability to continue to play your favorite homebrew and indie games, and so on. on your favorite handheld system using our main R4 3DS cards.As always, you can download the new updated firmware from our R4 3DS Firmware page

You can click on the link for each of the cards for more information on each of the R4 3DS cards and their functions and features.

The red box R4 3DS is confirmed working with no firmware updates required.  Truly one of the very first R4 cards that was compatible with the 3DS when the 3DS was first released.  Prior to this card there were not 3DS compatible R4 cards available.  It continues to be one of the most popular cards and one of the most compatible cards due to the quality firmware.

R4 3DS For 2DS and 2DS XL

The R4 3DS DUAL CORE is our customer favorite, and for good reason.  The dual processing power of the authentic dual-core card makes it a fantastic option for using some of the most powerful emulators.  And we are happy to report that it also continues to work on the 11.13.0 updated 3DS and 2DS systems.  

R4 3DS Dual Core Buy 2 Get 1 Free

The R4i Gold 3DS Plus card is the newest in the line of the R4i Gold 3DS brand cards.  This card replaced the original R4i Gold 3DS by adding an internal switch that switches it from a regular flashcart to an NTRBoot compatible card quickly and easily - without having to flash the card itself.

R4i Gold Plus card

The Newest R4i Gold 3DS Pro 2019 and 2020 models also work without any need for a firmware update on the latest 11.13.0 3DS Systems.

r4i gold pro 3ds 2024

Another one of our customers favorite cards is the R4 3DS RTS card.  It has many of the same features and functions as the R4 3DS Dual Core cards and uses the same basis for the firmware files.  As a result, it also works flawlessly on the new 3DS version 11.13.0 update.

r4 3ds rts 2024

Enjoy, and keep on playing!   We'll be adding some amazing new homebrew and freeware games to our 3DS homebrew section in the next coming week as well!