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R4i gold 3ds plus FAQ Firmware And Emulators And Time bombs

The R4i Gold Pro is one of the most popular 3DS / 2DS Flashcarts on the market today, and for good reason.  It is one of the easiest cards to use and continues to be one of the most affordable R4i Gold cards on the market today.

R4i Gold Pro


Does the R4i Gold Pro have a time bomb?  No, it does not.  This is an issue with some knock off / clone cards that were intentionally made to stop working.  However, this was done via the firmware files by clone makers.  There are several versions of the firmware files that would do away with this issue and our firmware files do NOT have any time bombs built in.

R4i Gold Pro Firmware

The firmware (or Kernel as it is more commonly called) is the heart and soul of an R4i Gold pro card.  Without it, our R4i gold Pro won’t be recognized by any DS, DSi or Nintendo 3DS system handheld.  Think of the firmware as a boot loader or menu system for the R4i Gold Pro.  This menu / loader is what allows you to view the files, folders, games and apps.  Without it, you won’t be able to browse anything on the micro SD card you are using on your R4i Gold Pro. 

R4 3DS Emulators

R4 3DS Retro Gaming

Can R4i gold Pro work with any emulators? 

Yes, it is an R4 card for Nintendo 3DS and DSI system devices. And the firmware also enables the R4i Gold Pro to run homebrew emulators.  Here are some of r4i gold pro emulators that are some of the most popular 3ds homebrew emulators available right now.

  • NeoDS: R4i gold Pro emulator for Neo Geo games.
  • DSCraft: A homebrew remake for Minecraft.  While not an emulator, we had to add it to this list.
  • Lameboy: R4i gold 3ds plus emulator for Gameboy Color.
  • GameYob: R4i gold 3ds plus emulator for Gameboy and Gameboy Color.
  • NesDS: R4i gold 3ds plus emulator for NES games.
  • ZXDS:  R4i gold 3ds plus emulator for ZX Spectrum.
  • Stella DS: R4i gold 3ds plus emulator Atari 2600.
  • JenesisDS: R4i gold 3ds plus emulator for Mega Drive/Sega Genesis games.
  • FrodoDS: R4i gold 3ds plus emulator for Commodore 64/C64.
  • S8DS: R4i gold 3ds plus emulator for Sega Game Gear.

You can find many of these emulators on our R4 3DS Homebrew page.