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Action Replay 4M Plus For Sega Saturn

  • Action Replay 4M Plus
  • Sega Saturn Action Replay
  • Sega Saturn Action Replay 4M Plus 3 in 1
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Product Description

Introducing the Sega Saturn Action Replay 4M Plus.  It is the ALL IN ONE cartridge that every single Sega Saturn owner must have. Chances are if you've bought a Sega Saturn, you're a hardcore gamer; and, chances are, you bought it to enjoy the vast weath of hidden gems that can't be had elsewhere, nameley the fighters and Japanese import games.  The Problem is, not only are you a little short on memory when it comes to these games, there is also as a regional lockout that keeps you from playing some of the games.  This cartridge will expand your Saturn software library and will allow you to play many of the very best Saturn games that are otherwise unplayble without it.   The Action Replay 4M PLUS will let you play all of the games that support and / or require the RAM carts that are now next to impossible to find.  

This is the ultimate enhancement for your beloved Saturn console. It features all in one: a cheat cartridge function (compatible with Action Replay codes), an auto switch 1M and 4M Expansion RAM card (to play games such as the Capcom fighting games, Metal Slug, King of Fighters and more), a 4M memory card as well as an import adapter to play foreign games on any Saturn console.

Looking at the top of the back of the system you will notice an expansion slot, that's where is card comes into play. Let's break down what this card will do.

1. Memory expansion. The Saturn comes with a paltry amount of internal memory, I believe somewhere in the realm of 400 blocks. Bear in mind this can be filled up with only a few games, Virtua Fighter 2 alone takes up 185 blocks just for the settings; and sports games are notorious memory eaters. Think of it as the internal memory on the arcade unit of the 360 or the Wii. It will get you by for a short while, but intevitably you will need more memory. This card comes with 8000 blocks, more than enough to handle whatever is thrown at you.

2. Region code bypass. While the Saturn was considered a commercial failure here in the states, it was much more successful in its home country of Japan. It was supported from 1994-2000; in the states it was only supported from 1995-1998. Furthermore, because it's difficulty finding a market here, many of the great games never made it here. Games like the original Sakura Wars, Samurai Showdown IV, and Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter never were released outside of Japan. While some of the great titles never made it stateside, many of them were released in limited print runs and fetch a pretty high price even without a box or manual. Many of the greats such a Burning Rangers, Vampire Hunter, and House of the dead can be found in great shape for a fraction of the price if you're willing to buy the import. Supringly a good portion of the text in many of the titles will be in english. Unless you understand Japanese, I would hesitate to import any text heavy game such as an RPG, but otherwise the selection is great.

3. 1MB and 4MB RAM Expansion. Remember the expansion pack for the N64? Same concept. Although no localized game ever utilized this device there are a handful of Japanese games that did. Games like Metal Slug, Samurai Showdown IV, and Xmen vs. Street Fighter require this card to run. While there is a 1 MB expansion card, it doesn't make much sense to purchase it when the 4MB card will function for both. It more or less just expands the techincal capabilities of the system. It works just like the N64 expansion pack, it will automatically detect it and boot the game, otherwise you'll get an error screen.

4. Action replay cheat device. This is admittedly the least neccessary function of the cart, but in all honesty, it's icing on the cake, and I'd rather have the function than not. When you boot your Saturn with the cart installed it will take you to the AR screen, nearly identical to the PSX and N64 counterparts. You select your cheats and apply them, they are broken down by reigon. It is possible to manually add codes as the pre installed codes selection is paltry, the information can be found online.

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