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Will The R4 3DS Card Work On The Nintendo 2DS

Posted on 3rd Oct 2013 @ 1:17 PM

Nintendo 2DS

The Nintendo 2DS is set to release this month, and we have received a lot of emails and comments asking whether or not our R4 3DS cards are going to be compatible with the Nintendo 2DS console.  A sort of R4 2DS card question.   While we can not say for certain (the 2DS is not yet released after all) we feel strongly that our R4 3DS cards will work exactly the same way on the Nintendo 2DS as they do on the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL systems.

How can we be certain you might ask?  Well, we just take a look back to the DS, DS Lite and then the DSi and Nintendo DSi XL systems.  And of course the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL systems too.  WIth each new game system released, the majority of the hardware has stayed the same.  

When the DS Lite replace the original Nintendo DS for example, the internals of the system remained.  The only thing that changes was the outward design, look and feel of the console.

It was very much the same with the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL systems.  A new card had to b developed, or rather - the hardware had to be revised.  In the end though, the same cards that worked on the DSi also worked perfectly on the Nintendo DSi XL systems.  Despite the screen being noticeably bigger, the systems themselves were pretty much identical as far as the internal parts and components were concerned.

Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL

When the Nintendo 3DS was released we were forced once again to update our cards to make them 3DS compatible.  To allow and make available all of the same homebrew games and applications as well as multimedia capabilities for Nintendo 3DS owners.  Soon after the Nintendo 3DS was released, the Nintendo 3DS XL hit the gaming world by storm.  

The 3DS XL came with new lower prices, much bigger screens, and awesome glasses free 3D made it the must have hand held.  Just as with the DS and DS Lite, and then the DSi and DSI XL, the Nintendo 3DS, while outwardly different, was very much the same.  All of our R4 3DS and R4i Gold 3DS cards worked just as they had on the 3DS systems.

With the Nintendo 2DS, R4 3DS owners can expect much of the same.  The console does away with the 3D graphics, and turns just one screen in to 2 different screens, but in order for it to work with the current library of 3DS and 3DS XL games, it will have to remain much the same as far as compatibility and hardware is concerned.