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MSN on Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS

Posted on 15th Sep 2011 @ 11:19 AM

Oh the days of new technology and the internet.  There was a time when if you wanted to have a quick chat with someone, you would pick up the phone and talk to them about whatever it is that needed talking about.   Today though, the word chat doesn't even imply a phone converstation.  Chat is usually used to talk about chatting on MSN messenger or Skype.  This is great if you're sitting in front of your computer. If you're away from your PC though, how can you chat with these people.  If you have a Nintendo 3DS and an R4 3DS you can actually use MSN on Nintendo DS anytime you want to.  Providing you have a WiFi connection, you can connect to and use MSN and chat with friends and family just as if you were in front of your computer.

So why would you want to use your Nintendo DS or 3DS for MSN?  One of the reasons is simply because you can.  You don't have to be glued to your PC to chat with friends and family.  Not at all.  You can sit on the sofa / couch or even at a local coffee shop where they offer free wifi and still be able to chat and talk.

The great thing is, as we mentioned, you can do this anywhere.  You could be watching a TV show or doing a bit of reading, and with your Nintendo DS or Nintendo 3DS off to the side of your desk or night stand, you'll be notified each time a message comes in.  Online chatting is one of the most used methods of communication. Being able to do it anywhere you are is the only way to keep in touch with some friends and family, especially if they live out of the state or even in a whole other country.

msn on nintendo ds