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ZX Spectrum Games For 2013 All Available To Play On Your Nintendo 3DS XL

Posted on 18th Dec 2013 @ 11:51 PM

We've talked about the ZX Spectrum before in our Top 3 ZX Spectrum Games On Your Nintendo 3DS tutorial.  And we're here to talk about the ZX Spectrum once again, this time discussing some of the best ZX Spectrum game releases of 2013 (yes, you read it right, games that have been made and released for the Speccy in 2013).  These games are mostly all freeware games, made by ZX Spectrum fans from around the world, pushing the limits of this now 30+ year old computer to it's limits.

If you still have your Spectrum setup, you can transfer the games to real disks or tapes and play them.  We on the other hand prefer to use the amazing ZXDS Emulator for the Nintendo DS, DSi, Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL and Nintendo 2DS systems.  Any one of our R4 3DS Cards can load and run the ZXDS emulator, so you can be up and running and playing these brand new releases for the Speccy on your portable game system.

ZXDS and the R4 3DS will essentially turn your favorite hand held system in to a truly portable ZX Spectrum.  And while we'd like the R4 cards to be able to take the credit for it - the real hard work is done by the emulator itself, and the developer(s) that took their time and great care in making one of the very best ZX emulators available for the Nintendo 3DS system.  We dare say that it outperforms even desktop PC emulators and runs virtually all the games and demos in full speed.  

And now, on to the games we know you'll love to play, all of them released in 2013 with the exception of the Super Mario Bros fan made game - but we had to include it in our top list, as it is one of our favorites.

Goku Mal ZX Spectrum Game:

The Mojon Twins are at it again, this time with Goku Mal, a truly good platformer released in 2013 for the ZX Spectrum system.  It has a feel of Anime throughout the game, and graphics that look fantastic.  Heck, if they made games like the back in the heady days of the Speccy, we would have all been in heaven.  Download Goku Mal

Axel K. and the Lost Bills (ZX Spectrum) Homebrew 2013:

Another super fun platform game that you shouldn't miss!  And a great game to add to the over 100+ brand new releases for the ZX Spectrum in the last 2 years.  This 30 Year old system just won't die... and we're luckier because of it!  Download Axel K.

Elixir Vitae ZX Spectrum Game 2013:

An awesome game inspired by columns and similar games.  Match up the different shapes and blocks in sets of 3 or more to clear the lines.  This game, like the entire genre, is very addictive due to both the ease of play, and the skills to clear each stage.   Download Here. 

KRUNEL ZX Spectrum 38k + AY Game:

A challenging and fun Tetris style game for the Speccy.  Released in 2013 and showing off the extra speed that the ZX Spectrum was known for in comparison to other 8-bit systems of the day.  Download Here

Super Mario Bros (ZX Spectrum):

While this game wasn't actually released in 2013, it was added to the http://RZXArchive.co.uk in February of 2013.  And how could we not include this complete fan made game that brings the world of Mario Bros to the ZX Spectrum. It plays just like the original game of the same name, and has stunning graphics considering the lack of color and the limitations of the Speccy.  Download It Here