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Rare prototype of Nintendo and Sony PlayStation console finally discovered

Posted on 5th Jul 2015 @ 1:24 PM

Just a few days ago a truly unique and amazing gaming discovery was made - or perhaps better put - revealed... 

A prototype of the Sony and Nintendo-developed PlayStation console which played both CD-ROM discs and Super Nintendo (SNES) cartridges has apparently been discovered. Pictures of the device have been shared on Imgur and Reddit - and we have them below for your conveninence of course.

Nintendo Sony Playstation Prototype

In the late 80s and early 90s there was a partnertship that was formed between Nintendo and Sony.  It was done in an effort to create the SNES-CD unit which would bring CD-Rom gaming to the SNES much like the Sega CD had and various other game systems all with a CD Add-on - something Nintendo lacked with their cartrdieg based system.


In May 1991 the device called the Play Station (space intended) was introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show.  The very next day however Nintendo announced a partnership with a Sony rival.. Namely Phillips and the 200 original prototypes of the Play Station were all that was left of the Sony - Nintendo partnership.

At the heart of all this was Ken Kutaragi, who forged ahead with the CD-ROM technology, leading to the original PlayStation (PSone) we know today, which launched in Japan in 1994 and cemented itself in video gaming history. And that, many have said, is how the Playstation (no space intended) came in to being and took over an entire generation of game systems singlehandedly.