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Play Atari 7800 Games On Your Nintendo DS DSi and Nintendo 3DS

Playing your old favorite Atari games brings back many memories.  Now take those memories and imagine that you have a portable Atari 7800 system.  That is what the A7800DS will do.  You'll have a portable, pocketable Atari 7800. 


A7800DS is an Atari ProSystem 7800 console emulator for the DS/DSi/3DS/2DS.  All you need to start playing your favorite 7800 games is your hand held console and an R4i Gold Pro or one of the other R4 3DS cards.  When you first load up the emulator, you will be greeted by the main screen.  Just click on the cartridge slot to get to the meny to choose the game file you want to load.


To use this emulator, you must use compatible roms files with a78/bin format.  The devloper of the emulator very strongly recommends that you use the NTSC version of the roms, ststing that the PAL roms have more scanlines and thus the screen will render more slowly.  And since the sound core it tied to the actual screen scanlines, the sound / game audio will be off as well and will sound all wrong. All the debug on this port to the DS has been done with NTSC roms - seek them out! Do not ask me about such files, I don't have them. A search with Google will certainly help you. The emulator was developed using Trebor's "7800 ProPack" of well-curated games. The emulator will auto-start in /roms/a7800 or /roms/a78 if those directories exist.


A7800DS features most of the same thing that you can expect from any emulators.  The speed of the emulation is amazing on the DSi and just a little less great on the older DS-LITE. For the DS-LITE you can expect full speed on a very large chunk of the 7800 library. The more traditional games (think: Asteroids, Astro Blaster, Robotron, Food Fight, Centipede, Pac-Man Collection, etc) will all run great. The really big bankswitched games may struggle on the older DS-LITE/PHAT hardware - try the game and see!

  • The emulator will support ROMs up to 1024K (1MB!) in size + the 128 byte .a78 header.
  • All popular bank-switching schemes are supported including an extra 16K of RAM at 4000h.
  • Pokey support at 4000h, 800h and 450h - change this in Configuration if it's not auto-detected.


How to use a7800DS:

Place .NDS on your Micro SD card that you use with the R4 3DS and launch the emulator from the menu.  You can place the file anywhere on the micro SD card.  We recommend the root folder and you could then set up a folder for your rom files.

When the emulator starts, click on the cartridge slot to choose a file. Use Up/Down to select a file, then use A to load it.

Controls :

  • Direction pad : the joystick ...
  • A : Fire button 1
  • B : Fire button 2
  • SELECT : SELECT Button
  • START : PAUSE Button
  • X : Fire button 2
  • Y : Fire Button 1
  • L/R + DPAD : Used to Shift Offsets and Scale Screen to desired ratio

Use stylus on buttons for other actions on bottom screen.

The new SNES2Atari adaptor is supported as a controller type for the few new games that utilize it. This allows all of the DS buttons to map into the game - exactly as labeled (D-Pad plus ABXY, Left Shoulder, Right Shoulder and Start, Select).

High Score Saving works if you have highscore.rom (exact name and case) in your roms directory where you load your games... also, you MUST press the HSC button if you want to snap the Saved Scores out to the flash card. It's not something I want to do as the game runs... so you must do it... the high scores will also auto-save if you quit the emulator or select a new game.

Ready to start your trip down the Atari 7800 memory lane? 

DOWNLOAD the a7800DS emulator