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Posted on 31st May 2012 @ 10:17 AM

Looking to play your Gameboy Games on your Nintendo 3DS?  You're in luck.  It can be done quite easily with a little emulator called Lameboy DS and of course, one of the R4 3DS cards, which wille nable you to load this freeware emulator so that you can turn your Nintendo 3DS in to a Gameboy or Gameboy Color console.

For those of you who may not be clear on what Emulation means.  Here's a brief run down of exactly what it means to emulate another system through emulation.

Emulation itself takes in to account the ability of a computer program, or console applications.  In effect, it makes the console you are using, think that it is actually an older or original system.  This is all done through software of course.  Because the 3DS, in this example, has a much faster processor and capabilities than the original Gameboy or Gameboy Color, it can comfortably emulate the hardware, and enable you to load and play Gameboy and Gameboy Color games.gameboy-games-on-3ds.jpg

Now, unlike PC's or Mac's where you can download freeware software and just load and play / use it, with the Nintendo 3DS, you need a third party accessory in order to be able to load and run homebrew and freeware software.  That's where the R4 3DS and R4i Gold 3DS cards come in to play.  With these cards, that look just like a regular Nintendo DSI or 3DS game card, you will be able to load and run all types of homebrew games and applications.  Without the r4, the Nintendo 3DS is incapable of running free games and applications.

The next thing you'll need is the Lameboy emulator.  Don't let the name fool you though, there is nothing "lame" about this emulator at all.  It's one of the very best Gameboy and Gameboy colour emulators available, boasting full compatibility with the thousands of Gameboy and Gameboy colour games out there.  In our testing, we have yet to find a single game that does not play or run the way it did on the actual Gameboy or Gameboy Color itself.  That's pretty impressive, considering that a lot of emulators have at least some compatibility issues where the games either don't load right or won't play back properly.

You can download Lameboy right from our 3ds homebrew section.  If you already have an R4 3DS card, then you're already all set and ready to start playing all of your gameboy and gameboy colour games.  If however you still need to get your hands on an R4 3DS card, then there's no better time than now, with our Buy 2 Get 1 Free and 15% off specials still running.  

To save an instant 15% off your entire order, just enter the coupon code SAVE15 in the discount coupon box in the shopping cart during checkout.   And if you're looking to get together with some friends and buy some cards, our buy 2 get 1 free special is probably the best deal you'll ever find.  Just add 2 or more cards to your order, and we'll send you a 3rd card absolutely free!  The free card won't show up in your shopping cart - but don't worry, we flag all orders of two or more cards, and your free card will be right there in your order, when you receive your package.