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The R4 3DS XL Version Brings All Your Homebrew To The Nintendo 3DS XL

Posted on 16th Oct 2012 @ 12:48 PM

The Nintendo 3DS XL has been released.  And if you're an R4 3DS card owner, or someone that just got their 3DS XL console, you may be wondering whether or not the R4 3DS will work on your new hand held game system.   If you're not inclined to read any longer, the quick answer is YES!  The card works on your Nintendo 3DS XL console without any issues at all.  You'll be able to enjoy all of the same features, functions and multi media playback as all of the Nintendo 3DS owners have been able to enjoy since the release of the card. 

Now, if you're still reading, let us give you a little history as to why it is working, and why you won't have to worry if you have an R4 3DS and a Nintendo 3DS and plan to move up to the newer Nintendo 3DS XL console.  It actually has a whole lot to do with an upgrade patter by Nintendo when it comes to their consoles.  Many of you may not remember the original DS system, but we most certainly do.  When the original DS system was released, we had the R4 DS to bring a slew of features to

r4 ds

 that console.  From indie and freeware games and apps, to movies, ebooks, music and a whole lot more.  When the Nintendo DS Lite was announced, every single DS owner, who also had and R4 DS, was naturally worried.  What if they wanted to buy a new console and upgrade their DS system.  Would their R4 DS Still work?  Would they be forced to buy a new card all together?

These were of course all reasonable worries.  After all, it seemed to be a whole new console.  Completely redesigned and different from the original DS system.  But, just as we had predicted back then, while the console looks and feel, and thegeneral design had changed, the internals of the DS didn't change at all.  When we say the internals we don't mean the size of the motherboard or the chips inside.  We mean that underneath the newly redesigned (and much better) exterior, the DS Lite was essentially exactly the same as the DS before it, with just some different "clothes on", if you will.  The R4 Continued to work.

The situation was much the same with the DSi console and the Nintendo DSI XL system.  Sure, the XL had a bigger screen, and was nicer to use, but the internals were all the same.  There was no problem using our R4i SDHC Cards on either of the consoles.   And as one got an update, so did the other.  They were never mutually exclusive.

r4 3ds

This brings us to the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo 3DS XL.  Will your R4 3DS that you bought for your DSi or 3DS system also work on your 3DS XL console?  You better believe it.  It works just as it would on the original 3DS systems.  No features or functions have been compromised.  We're also happy to report that with the latest Nintendo 3DS XL 4.4.0 update, our R4 3DS cards are one of the ONLY cards to actually work on this new system OS version. 

Why do our cards work and other cards don't?  Because we're fanatical about support - both before and after the sale.  We may not be perfect, but we sure do know that if we advertise our products as fully upgradeable, we want to be able to write it, and MEAN IT!  Our cards have stood the test of time. Even when we had to offer hardware upgrades to several thousand customers, who received a new card in the mail, unexpectedly… We stood behind out product - and the customers who use them, without a second thought.