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R4i DS Firmware

We know that getting an older R4 card often comes with a hunt for the right firmware kernel in order to be able to load the menu system and use the card.  More often than not, when you find an old R4 or R4i card you don't get a micro SD card with it and are often unable to use the card at all.

This firmware is for the old R4i DS Gold card from R4iDS.com.  If your card label has that domain name on the card, then this is the firmware for your card.  Please note that while we try to ensure that the firmware will work on your specific card, there were numerous versions of this card and some of the very first / oldest versions of it will NOT be able to use this firmware.  However, it doesn't hurt to try.

r4i ds gold box


This is the last firmware for this card and will work on most versions of the R4i Revolution For DS from r4ids.com