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R4 3DS Compatibility For Nintendo 3DS 10.2.0 Update

A brand new system update has been released for the Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS and the NEW 3DS systems.  The new version of the system OS is now at 3DS 10.2.0-28 E/J/U and brings with it additional eShop features as well as the bug fixes and the now almost standard stability improvements from the 10.1.0  As always, we would recommend that unless you absolutely must update to the latest system version, that you make sure to download and install the latest R4 3DS firmware (if you haven't already) to ensure compatibility with this latest update.

If your R4 3DS Dual Core or R4 3DS / R4i Gold 3DS card was working fine on version 10.1.0 then you're all set and don't have to worry about updating as our current firmware if fully compatible with the newest 10.2.0!

Both the R4 3DS and the R4i Gold 3DS now have new firmware kernel files available for download from our R4 3DS Firmware section.  However, if you're using the R4 3DS or the R4i Gold 3DS on a 3DS system with 10.0.0 or 10.1.0 then you don't have to worry about downloading any new firmware whatsoever.

r4 3ds

The R4 3DS Dual Core Cards will continue to work with the latest 10.2.0-28 E/J/U update, without the need for any new firmware kernel files at all.

r4 3ds dual core

The R4 3DS RTS cards also are up an running and working just fine on the 10.2.0-28 E/J/U systems, again, with most cards not needing any update whatsoever.  

R4 3DS RTS Card

In an effort to avoid any potential incompatibility, we urge and recommend that all of our customers download the latest version of the firmware for their respective cards, to ensure that all cards are running the newest version available..  

This is to avoid any issues should there be accidental updates to 3DS and 3DS XL systems performed unintentionally by accepting the update or having the system do an update while in sleep mode.