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Rick Dangerous Lands On Your Nintendo 3DS with The R4 3DS Card

r4 3ds rick dangerousOne of my earliest recollections of a great platform game came in the form of a knock-off of Indiana Jones type main character. Undoubtedly based right on the hero himself made renowned by the movies. With giant balls made of stone rolling after you right in the first five minutes of that game. And what was the identity of this unexpected hero? A young Indian Jones?  No... It was none other than Core Designs Rick Dangerous. It was one of the many reasons - and games - that I had such a love for my old Miggy 500. So much so that I ended up purchasing another Amiga 500 on eBay years and years after selling my original.

very well, I am assuming a lot, and assuming that everyone reading this will have heard of or player Rick Dangerous. For those of you that haven't, here is VERY quick run down. Rick Dangerous is a platform game developed by Core Design for the Amiga, Atari ST, and 8-Bit computers, as well as for DOS-based PCs. It was released in 1989 and published by Rainbird Software in Europe and the rest of the world, and on the MicroPlay label (part of MicroProse) in America. subsequently, it was released with two other games - Stunt Car Racer and Microprose Soccer on the Commodore 64 Powerplay 64 cartridge. We won't dwell on the packed in games and focus only on Rick Dangerous itself (or himself, for those of us with fond memories!) and how you can play it using an R4 3DS with your nintendo 3ds.

So why talk about a game that was released back in 1989? It is completely relevant and quite conceivable a reason that you're playing what you're playing now. Well, if you know anything about challenging platform games, or are into platform games, you're reading about the grandfather of platform games Really. Many of the elements from this game have been incorporated into numerous newer generation platform games. Mo than that though, if you think about it, it is because what is old is once again new. With the help and dedication of homebrew programmers that make or remake games for the pure love and joy of it. You can, with the help of an R4 DS Card, play Rick Dangerous on your current generation handheld nintendo 3ds and nintendo 3dsi consoles. And it won't cost you a cent, because the game is released absolutely FREE. Non commercially, and available for download for you to enjoy on your 3DS system (and assorted other systems as well) All you'll need is an R4 3DS Card for nintendo 3ds and the NDS itself of course.


The game is largely based on the Indiana Jones movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. Set in 1945, British agent Rick Dangerous travels to the Amazon jungle to search for the lost Goolu tribe. His plane crashes down and Rick Dangerous is in the jungle, only to realize he is not alone and must now escape from the clutches of the angry Goolu's. When the game starts Rick finds himself in a cave running from a rolling boulder, a famous scene from the Indiana Jones movie. 

Armed with a pistol and dynamite, Rick must fight hostiles and evade countless traps in 3 more levels. The second level is set inside a pyramid in Egypt. In level three, Rick must venture to the Nazi stronghold of Schwarzendumpf castle to rescue captured Allied soldiers. The rescued soldiers tell him that the Nazis are planning a missile attack on London. consequently, in the last level, Rick must infiltrate their secret missile base.


The original garnered fantastic reviews. Many magazines giving the game 92% or more in the reviews. And I am certain of the R4 DS card version/homebrew version for the nintendo 3ds / DSi was ever released commercially, it would garner the same type of reviews, for both its retro look and feel and amazing gameplay. The really amazing thing about this is that it is not a commercial release and that this free homebrew version has the blessing of the original developers as well.

So get out your Nintendo 3DS, grab an R4 3DS Card and start exploring the amazing world of Rick Dangerous and other great homebrew games for the nintendo 3ds system