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Can An R4 Card Brick My 3DS Console

A very common question that we get asked is whether or not your 3DS can be bricked by using an R4 Card or an R4 3DS card.  The truth of the matter is that no r4 card, not even an R4 3DS card, can damage your console.  Whether you own the first DS or DS Lite or have a DSi or DSi XL right up to the 3DS, 3DS XL and the newest 2DS XL systems.  No R4 Card can brick yhour 3DS console.  What some people have sometimes confused when talking about bricking is the R4 Card is more or less just using an incorrect firmware on the R4 3DS card and it not loading up properly on your handheld.

The topic of bricking came up when there was a rush of clone and knock off R4 Cards that were 




What can occur though is that if a upgrade process is run on older R4i 3ds cards (used on 3ds consoles or DSI 1.43 firmware) and half was through running the upgrade process on the r4 card, your console runs out of power, your r4 card will be damaged permanently. This is because the R4 card manufacturers strictly advise prior to trying to upgrade your , to ensure that the upgrade process is not interrupted. To ensure the process goes uninterrupted you may want to do the following to avoid damaging your R4 card:

Ensure that that you console is fully charged
Ensure your console is plugged directly into a power source
Ensure that your console is away from anyone who may interpret its upgrade process

There is no fix to a bricked R4 card as a result of not following the guidelines so we recommend you follow the above simple points to protect your investment that you have made in your R4 3ds card or the R4i Card.