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R4 3DS 11.1.0 Update For Nintendo 3DS XL

Nintendo has just released a new update again for the 3DS, 3DS XL, Nintendo 2DS, and the NEW 3DS systems.  The latest version is now version 11.1.0-34.  The theme of most of the updates over the last year or so has been based on stability.  3DS firmware updates are something that are fairly common occurrences these days and unfortunately, they typically don't add any new or exciting features.  However, this firmware, like the several last few firmwares make the 3DS systems even more stable than they already were - which can only be a good thing.

As always, if you want to be able to continue to access online game play and the eShop you will need to update your 3DS systems.  Doing so won't have any effect on your ability to continue to play your favortie homebrew and indie games, etc... on your favorite hand held system using our official R4 3DS cards.  Please see below all of the cards that are currently unaffected and continue to work perfectly on the latest 11.1.0 updated systems.  

You can click on the card itself for more information on each of the R4 3DS cards and their functions and features.

The red box R4 3DS is confirmed working with no firmware updates required.

r4 3ds

The Newest R4i Gold 3DS Pro 2016 Also Works without any need for a firmware update on the latest 11.1.0 3DS Systems.

R4i Gold Pro

The R4 3DS DUAL CORE is our customer favorite and also continues to work on the 11.1.0 updated 3DS systems

r4 dual core card

The R4 3DS RTS card is also confirmed to be working on the latest 11.1.0 updated systems.


Enjoy, and keep on playing!   We'll be adding some amazing new homebrew and freeware games to our 3DS homebrew section in the next coming week as well!