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Play TI99 Games On The Nintendo 3DS With DS994a and the R4 3DS card

Great news today for all of TI99/4a owners.  DS994a is a TI99/4a emulator for the Nintendo 3DS, DS Lite and DSi.  You'll need an R4 3DS card or R4 3DS Dual Core card in order to use this (and many other) emulators.  


There have been several updates one after the other, with better compatibility, increased speeds and more features.  Great work by a developer who clealry has a love for this system.


Emulator Features:

  • Cart loads up to 512K Banked (+40K of GROM unbanked)
  • 32K RAM Expansion
  • SAMS 512K memory Expansion for the DS and 1MB for the DSi (and above)
  • Save and Load State
  • High score saving for up to 10 scores per game
  • Full mapping of any of the 12 DS keys to any combination of TI Joysticks/Keyboard
  • Disk Support of 90K and 180K using the standard TI Disk Controller (you need 994adisk.bin - see BIOS files below)
  • No Speech Synth yet (but games requiring the Speech Synth will run/play - just no voice)

There have been a few updates since release and the latest update details are below.

You can download the latest Version 0.7 from the github: https://github.com/wavemotion-dave

V0.7: 24-Jan-2023 by wavemotion-dave

  • New TI99 Keyboard Layout - select in Global Options or on a Per-Game basis.
  • Better DSK vs ROM handling - remembers last directory for each.
  • SAMS 1MB enabled for DSi and above.
  • Fixed save/load state for Mini-Men, SuperCart and MBX Carts (only SAMS save/load is non-functional right now).
  • Other cleanups as time permitted.

V0.6: 21-Jan-2023 by wavemotion-dave

  • Re-write of the CPU core. It's 20% smaller and 20% faster.
  • Added ability to list disk contents so you can see what programs are on it.
  • Added write-backing of .DSK files. When they chagne the file is written out in the background.
  • Added SAMS 512K expanded memory support - must be enabled in OPTIONS on a per-game basis.
  • Added new cartridge types to support SuperCart 8K, MiniMemory 4K and Milton Bradley MBX carts (with and without special 1K RAM).
  • New splash screen... new logo icon... a fresh start!

Previous updates below:

V0.3: 7-Jan-2023 by wavemotion-dave

  • Improved speed 8% across the board
  • Fixed spirte cut-off at top of screen
  • Fixed X in control mapping so that it toggles P1 vs P2
  • Added PAL (along with default NTSC) support
  • New splash screen and logo
  • Other minor cleanups as time permitted

V0.2: 6-Jan-2023 by wavemotion-dave

  • Increased bankswitch support to 512k
  • Fixed IDLE instruction so games like Slymoids works
  • Improved speed by 10-15% across the board...
  • Other minor cleanups as time permitted